Advisory Council

  • Provides CEO with more definitive and assertive options for Business Strategy
  • Helps alleviate Customer and Competitor issues in a candid manner to Leadership Team
  • Helps Board of Directors with their unique knowledge & skills for Effective governing the Organization. Accomplished experts offers innovative advices and dynamic perspectives

Leadership Team

  • Helps organization to entail as well as develop and execute Business Strategy for Future Growth
  • Creating, Communicating and Aligning Organization’s Vision with Entire Team across Verticals
  • Does risk analysis, risk assessment and risk mitigation activities

Governance Committee

  • Monitors whether the Board is Complying with the Obligations as set out in the Organization Constitution, Articles and By-Law
  • Helps the Board with Recruitment of New Board Members
  • Recommends on Retention, Re-Election, Removal or resignation of Board members. Advises to deal with potential conflict of interest among Directors


  • Strategic Planning & Governance for every project
  • Set Best Practices & Processes and monitor / audit during Project Execution
  • Common language, Culture and Mindset
  • Resource Management

Audit Committee

  • Oversight of Financial Reporting and Related Internal Controls
  • Risk Oversight
  • Ethics & Compliances